Stage one

Stage two

Phase One

Study Topics (See the curriculum page)

  • 6 topics
    • The word of God
    • Romans
    • First Corinthians
    • Hebrews
    • Revelation
    • Spiritual formation
  • 8 lectures for each topic

School duration

  • 12 weeks

Lectures and readings

  • 4 lectures per week - one hour each
    • Two live broadcast Zoom lectures every Saturday 08:00 PM Cairo Time (recordings will be available)
      • Lecturer
        • Pastor Daniel
    • Two pre-recorded lectures (videos-on-demand - can be watched any time during the week)
      • Lecturer
        • Dr. Ashraf Danial.
        • Rev. Emad Gerges.
        • Mr. George Aziz.
        • Rev. Hany Basily
        • Dr. Medhat Mouri.
        • Rev. Sameh Barsoum.
        • Dr. Samuel Makar
        • Dr. Sawssan Thabet
  • Plus reading suggestions.
  • There is a Q&As forum for each lecture; where students can send their questions and receive answers from course lecturer.

Completion conditions

  • Upon completing the following, students will be awarded a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Rivers of Life Bible Institute (The Lord’s Disciples).
    • 50% on attending a minimum of 85% lectures attendance (6 out of 8 lectures for each study subject).
    • 30% on the completion of a short quiz in each lecture (5 multiple-choice questions)
    • 20% on successfully completing the final school exam. 

Phase Two

Starts on Saturday 21st of October 2023 & registration will remain possible till Friday 27th of October 2023.


School duration

12 weeks


School Program

  • Two one-hour lectures every week
  • Lectures are uploaded each Saturday and will be available throughout the week for on-demand playback



8 lectures per topic 


Study Topics

  • The Gospel of John
  • The First Epistle of Peter
  • The History of the People of Israel in the Old Testament


Criteria for Granting a Completion Certificate

  • Passing the 3 study topics with a minimum score of 67.5% each
  • Attending at least 6 out of the 8 lessons on each topic
  • Getting a minimum score of 60% on each quiz
  • Getting a minimum score of 60% on the final exam