Special instructions for Phase II

  • To access the lectures and start studying, you can log in through
    • Student login on www.rolbi.org and enter your username/password.
    • Through the Moodle application, enter school.rolbi.org on the first page, then enter your username / password


  • We remind you that there are no live lectures on Zoom, NO LIVE SESSIONS ON ZOOM. All lectures are recorded. You can watch two lectures each week during the same week. If you are still in the registration stage, do not worry, you have time until October 27.


  • Use the activation link that was sent to your email during the registration stage only once to activate your account. Do not try to click on it again.


  • If you have not received any email from school at all (after reviewing Junk or Spam). You still need to register yourself and make sure that your account has been created and that you have received an email to activate the account.


  • If you registered only yesterday or today, the lectures may take some time (2-4 hours) to appear on your account.


  • For assistance (if needed) enter “Contact us” on our website here